Are your clients
cheating on you?

Are you losing opportunities and clients to your competitors?

What you don’t know can hurt you, your business and your brand. Candid client feedback and market intelligence are a direct window to the key factors that drive the selection decisions of your current clients, prospects and referral sources. Accurate information and a good understanding help you deepen and strengthen client relationships by sustaining high levels of satisfaction and creating long-term loyalty.

Do you know how your stakeholders describe your market position, your competitive advantage and your brand?

How do your stakeholders describe your market position, your competitive advantage and your brand?

In a fiercely competitive global marketplace, the success of a firm is dependent on a host of influencers, or stakeholders. These essential individuals/groups include clients, referral sources, prospects, current and potential employees, suppliers, trade and industry organizations and community leaders. Their combined views represent a treasure trove of perceptions, observations and personal experiences working with you – and your competitors. Market leaders actively listen to their stakeholders to gain a competitive advantage.

Are you a market leader?

Stakeholder Intelligence engagements include:

  • Strategic Client Interview Programs
  • Lost Business/Client Reviews
  • Referral Source Surveys
  • End of Matter Reviews

Linda LaBrie offers a compelling competitive advantage in the Stakeholder Intelligence arena – she pioneered and perfected a Client Feedback Process for the legal industry.   Through primary qualitative research, she has helped hundredths of market leaders leverage Stakeholder Intelligence to create deeper client relationships, win new business and create an enviable brand. Linda has become the eyes, the ears and the voice of clients, referral sources and other critical stakeholders.


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