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Are your clients cheating on you?

Are you losing opportunities and clients to your competitors?

What you don’t know can hurt you, your business and your brand. Candid client feedback and market intelligence are a direct window to the key factors that drive the selection decisions of your current clients, prospects and referral sources. Accurate information and a good understanding help you deepen and strengthen client relationships by sustaining high levels of satisfaction and creating long-term loyalty.

Stakeholder Intelligence Engagments

  • Strategic Client Interview Programs
  • Referral Source Surveys
  • End-of-Matter Reviews
  • Lost Business/Lost Client Reviews
  • Internal Assessments

“We work with many firms that describe themselves as full service. But, in which areas are they truly unique? What are their 5-star practices? What are their sweet spots? Those are the services I want to buy!”

– General Counsel, Fortune 500 Company