How wide is
your gap?

The fundamental underpinning of brand authenticity and strength in the marketplace is a non-existent brand “gap.”

A “brand” gap is created when a firm’s own view of its image and reputation, market position, competitive strengths and weaknesses is different from the views, perceptions and experiences of its major stakeholders, including clients, referral sources, prospects and opinion leaders.


Market leaders have no brand “gaps” to close

Linda LaBrie has a track record of identifying and closing brand “gaps.” She does this by conducting stakeholder research and analyzing market intelligence. This insight helps to measure any existing “brand” gap and lays the foundation for the new brand building effort.

As brand strategist/design consultant/project manager, Linda recommends the “ideal” brand building team – a function of a firm’s internal culture, short and long-term goals, budget, timetable, and available internal resources.

Brand Building Process

  • Internal Assessment
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitive/Gap Analysis
  • Core Positioning Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Development, Production & Execution

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